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Boat Restoration


Boat Restoration



Morska Zvezda also specializes in the restoration and protection of gelcoat finishes. Being thicker and harder than paint, there are many ways to remove oxidation from gelcoat finishes and bring back the original shine. Properly maintaining your gelcoat finish is one of the most important aspects of yacht maintenance. Not doing so can lead to oxidation, deterioration and eventual failure of the gelcoat to keep out water, leading to blisters and eventual de-lamination of the fiberglass and resins. We work with and sell only the highest quality, most durable and environmentally friendly compounds, polishes and coatings available. Technology is always changing and improving. Morska Zvezda stays at the front of the pack by choosing to work with cutting-edge nanotechnology products as part of our core line of polishes and protectants. Our buffing process is scratch and swirl free. We use innovative tools found in the marine and aeronautical industries which have consistently produced outstanding results year after year.


Morska Zvezda understands the care needed to keep your yacht looking great and keeping it protected from the harsh saltwater environment. Repainting is an option, but an expensive and time consuming one. Morska Zvezda provides the best cleaning, polishing and coating services for your yacht. Using a mixture of established and cutting edge techniques and tools we provide a result unmatched by other companies. Most companies provide a simple compound and cleaner/wax option only lasting weeks and fading quickly after being polished. Using the Lat 26° multi-step system we can take even the most heavily oxidized paint and restore it to a like new condition. Furthermore we protect the newly restored paint with Lat 26° UV Protect and Lat 26° Carbon Guard, ensuring your paint lasts for years to come.

Morska Zvezda provides full teak deck restoration. We specialize in two-part cleaning, sanding, re-caulking and protection of your teak using the finest tools, techniques and products on the market.


There are a variety of options in caring for teak decks, rails, furniture and trim. We pride ourselves on maintaining the original integrity of your teak by using only flat pads against the grain so as not to pull the soft grain from the wood. We don’t use harsh chemicals and when sealers are requested we use top quality products that leave your teak looking natural while providing protection from the elements.